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We are currently in the process of updating and launching our advanced new technology punj web site. Here at www.punj.co.uk we shall regularly update our visitors on all the latest technology information available. You will find all sought's of information relating to punj technology on broadband, telecoms, electronics and much more. Have you recently had problems with your internet, home network, or electronic gadgets. If so punj will try to help you fix this.

So don't forget that here at punj we are launching soon with an exciting new advanced technology web site at http://www.punj.co.uk.


Latest Punj web site news -
We are updating content to our website regularly now. Our electronic pages now provides a basic introduction to electronics and a great review  on the ESR Micro capacitor meter. We have also just completed our review on a great EEPROM/EPROM programmer device.
Why not update yourself on how we repaired a computer causing problems with bad capacitors.
Go to our Telecom page and you can now get advice on how to improve your broadband ADSL connection.

We have now also updated our contact us page detailing our contact details for www.punj.co.uk.
Check below for the latest updated news on our website, or visit our blog.

Check here regularly for further updates.



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