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Punj review on the ESR Micro capacitor test meter

Well anyone who dabbles alot in electronics will tell you that it can be very useful to have an esr meter to test for bad capacitors. When the hobbyist then researches to get one of these handy items for the toolkit they can be quite expensive and sometimes quite difficult to understand. So what is esr and its revelances on a  capacitor.

ESR can be explained as follows. A capacitor consists of metal plates, which are filled with a dielectric that separates the plates consisting of an oxide layer on the lining, and the electrolyte. All this is placed in an aluminum at the connection plates. This, in turn, causes resistance to form a pathway deterioration for the alternating current within the capacitor, causing heat, and consequently, accelerates the processes described above. All losses may be summarized in the so-called equivalent series resistance (ESR) - an imaginary resistor in series with the capacitor itself.
When you google esr meter for info on these items you will find quite a few. I found that these meters can be quite expensive and also not very user friendly for the lame hobbyist.

I however came along one such meter which was not only within my tight budget but very user friendly to use. The esr meter that i found on google and bought was a little device called EsrMicro V4.

This little device was purchased from Russia
At the time when i bought this it cost 75US Dollars which included taxes and shipping. If you need one you just fill out the order form and a chap called Mike will email you back on how to complete your order.  I also found Mike very good at communicating with any queries relating to the product or order.
Mike also frequents occasionally at the  where he has acquired a very good reputation. Just do a search for esr meter on the site and you will note the very happy customers around the world he has sold these meters to.
The order took 10 days for delivery which is not bad for delivery to the UK. The meter will come without batteries and a very basic manual. 
Using the meter is very easy. You can use the meter probe lead or you can use the meter socket pins to check a capacitor. The meter will give a very clear reading of the esr reading and the capacitance reading.
One very important thing to bear in mind is that you must ensure that when testing existing capacitors that they have been fully discharged. The meter incorporates only a very simple protection by the use of diodes. This minor protection against a capacitor discharging on the meter can quite easily cause major damage to the meter. But comparing this to other meters which can literally cost hundreds of dollars if you ensure that you carryout discharging of your electronic component capacitors this meter will serve you well.
I have now used this meter a few times and can say it greatly helps in the diagnostics of my electronic projects very well.

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I will in time post further blogs on how this meter helped and the kind of bad readings of a capacitor which can only be found by using such instruments as this. For now you can watch the video on the earlier ESR Micro V3.1

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