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Telecom - Improve your broadband ADSL connection

1. Introduction and basics - ADSL via the telephone line

Most homes are provided with a telephone line installed by their chosen telephone provider company. In the UK this will most likely be BT wholesale.
The telephone provider usually installs a master socket which will be wired back to the exchange equipment. The customer then can install additional secondary sockets to other area's of the home eg front room , bedroom etc.
The customer will normally subscribe for an ADSL connection for their broadband Internet connection. Most ISP providers will provide their own modem or router for the customer configured for ease of installation. In the majority of the times the broadband connection will work satisfactorily but occasionally the customer can have problems with the connection randomly disconnecting or experience with poor speeds.

2. Improving your ADSL Connection - The common Problem

The most common problems encounted for a poor Internet broadband connection usually occurs due to the customer having poorly wired telephone sockets. One of the best improvements that a user can carry out to their telephone sockets is to remove or filter the third bell wire connected for the sole purpose of ringing your phones on the secondary telephone sockets. Normally you will probably have the blue and the blue/white cabling connected to terminals 2 and 5 on your sockets with the third cable normally orange to terminal 3. Most telephones are reqiured to be connected to the socket via an ADSL filter device. The ADSL filter normally filters the voice part of the telephone from creating interference to the digital data part of the system. The good quality filters also provide the ring back capacitor within them for provision of your phones ringing without the third orange wire connection being required..

Basically the so called twisted pair wires connected to terminals 2 and 5 are electrically balanced. As long as you have used the standard CW1308 or cat 5 wiring you should be on the right road for a stable connection. The 3rd ring wire normally conected to terminal 3 on its own would normally be un-balanced and acts as an aerial wire picking up interference and causing havoc to the internet broadband connection.

2. The most recommended cure - DIY cure

Even if your phone extension sockets are unused, those extensions can still generate electrical interference also known as (REIN) from the bell-wire and then interfer down the BT line and reduce your exchange profile speed setting.
Even if you have no REIN interference, this method will in most cases do no harm even if there is no improvement. It will certainly ensure in most cases the prevention of  any future RF interference that otherwise most likely may occur..

The so called bell wire fix is the removal of the third bell wire normally conncted to terminal 3 on all your telephone sockets. You carefully remove your sockets so that you can access the wiring terminating on to the sockets. You then simply cut or remove the cable connected to terminal 3 on all the telephone sockets.

For those who want to improve their connection without the need of the fix above a filter plate that fits into the master socket which filters the bell wire can be purchased from BT or your ISP known as the iplate. BT developed the iPlate or "BT Broadband Accelerator" to isolate the ring wire problem and allow use of ADSL on any extension. This device is easy to fit and costs less than a tenner, or if you're a BT Total Broadband customer you can have one for 1.20 which covers postage.


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